December 27, 2004

High on a little life

It's Monday night here, and for those of us in Arifjan, that means Country Night in the quad. So naturally my little broken self was out there pushing the limits:-D Ain't nothing like a night of dancing with really cute guys to make one forget that we are indeed still overseas. Of course, I was a wee bummed, one of the guys I was dancing with last week wasn't able to make it down again, and so I had to find new partners, but that's the way it is in life.
Tomorrow is outprocessing and apparently they ask the question "Do you still get jumpy at loud noises even though you are not in a combat zone anymore?" HELL YEAH. I was home for 4th of July and the fireworks were enough to get my heart racing. Nowadays it's even worse. Someone I was sitting with earlier decided to be cute and pop their plastic bag and me and the 3 other guys who had all been up north jumped.
No news on our flights, but hey, that's ok with me. I'll get home when I get there, for now I am enjoying the company and spending time with my brother.


Anonymous said...

On your next post, could you please put down your favorite hard liquor? I know where my child is thanks to you, she never tells me, so I'd like to have a fifth to give you when you get off the plane, my way of saying thanks, cause I will be there. Be safe be careful and be you.

Anonymous said...

After you get home I hope that you can manage to find a quiet welcome...shhh!

JUST A MOM said...

Enjoy Miss Lizzie!

Garrison Steelle said...

oooh, hadn't thought about the sudden noise issue. Okay, we keep you away from Buckhead. ;)