December 28, 2004

Outprocessing and falling in love

Yep, I'm in love.............................With Under Armor shirts! hehehe. These things are the most wonderful articles of clothing I own. As I no longer have any long underwear, I went to the pX today and picked up two UA long sleeved T-shirts. It is wicked COLD and WINDY here, but I am not feeling a thing:-D Ok now that my love affair with my clothing is done:
"Do you have any medical or dental problems that came up during deployment?" *smiling really big* "yes sir" ROFL. Sorry I just get a giggle out of that one. It went very smoothly this morning if not just a little BORING and long. Now that I am done with the cane, I walked over the the big PX, where they had a little Teddy Bear stand, where you can create your own stuffed animal, clothes and all. I picked out a monkey, dressed it in a uniform, put glasses on it, and picked that up for my littlest sister. Currently the top is in alterations having name tapes and patches sewn on ROFL:-D Naturally, it will have the rank of SGT and it's name is Lizzie. hehehe. I figure I was born in the year of the monkey, so it makes sense. Besides, I liked it:-D
Oh yeah, on favorite hard liquor? that's a toughie, but I would have to go with Apfel Corn (I think that's the spelling) It brings back fond (and the not so fond) memories of my last night in the states before deploying ROFL ROFL:-D
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