December 10, 2004


I am currently on someone elses computer as we are slowly shutting down operations here. Don't be worried if I don't post everyday, as we no longer have the access we did.
I had the stitches in my face removed today and little by little my face is returning to its normal self. Pretty soon I will be able to laugh and smile without wanting to grimace in pain LOL:-D Tomorrow the ones in my legs come out and then it is just a process of letting my left leg heal up so I can walk under my own power again. I HATE crutches LOL.
Things here are kinda boring, not much going on other then redeployment operations and even those are kinda winding down.


Margaret said...

If you stop in Germany during your redeployment, let me know. You can get the GRAND tour of the base, and PX, and commissary, and food court...did you know we now have a Chili's here?

Maybe you can 'encourage' your crew to stop through.

Garrison Steelle said...

Hurray for getting stitches out! As for the crutches ... yeah, it sucks. Hopefully you'll heal quickly.


Anonymous said...

Do not change your mind and come home with an appetite for holiday desserts and baked goods, ham, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and wine. Thank you for your service to our country.