December 09, 2004

May the jokes begin

Ok granted I am the instigator behind many of the cracks that we have been making at my expense lately, but it is funny. First of course, there is the crutches. How hard is it to joke about those ROFL. Then there is the very pronounced lithsp I have aquired due to the missing front tooth. I think that is everyones fav right now, just to sit talking to me and laugh every time I have to thay thomething with an th(S) or a Thee (C). Yep, all wrong. It has kept us in good spirits though. All of us on that convoy that day still have trouble sleeping, but at least during the days we can laugh together. We still laugh about me hanging upside down in the truck cracking jokes, and some of the off the wall things that I was saying. (Hey, when all the bloods rushing to your head, you don't quite think straight ROFL)
I saw the pictures yesterday of the truck and where I was hanging, and it is a wonder I came out of that. The truck had rolled twice before landing on the drivers side where I was pinned by a bunch of metal. Scary bunch of pictures, but no, I will not be publishing them, I don't even have them.
Many of you have now deduced that SGT Cari Ann Gasiewicz was the driver that day, and yes you all are right. I couldn't say before as we had to wait for confirmation that next of kin had been notified. Cari was a wonderful person, and great to be around. There wasn't many occasions where she wasn't smiling. On the way up that day, one of the last things I remember her saying to me was that we had to take pictures of the Tigres on the way home. She will be fondly remembered in our company and by everyone she knew. On the day of her memorial service, the morning was cloudy and cool, but as soon as the National Anthem began to play to start the ceremony, the clouds broke apart and the sun came out and shined on us the entire time.


Margaret said...

When someone talks to you just to hear your new 'accent' get real close to them and 'rain' on them.
Maybe they'll all get shirts that say 'Say it, don't spray it'.

No_Newz said...

Teeth are highly overrated kiddo!
Lois Lane

AFSister said...

Last Christmas my 6 year old son was missing both of his top front teeth, so you can imagine how many times we had him sing that silly little song. "All I want for Chrithmath is my two front teeth, tho I can with you a Merry Chrithmath!"

Merry Chrithmath, Thargent Lithy!

All kidding aside, once you get your caps on, no one will ever know and your newly acquired accent will disappear.

Keep your chin up and your head down- you're almost home!

Garrison Steelle said...

Hmmmm ... toothless AND southern. What do you suppose happens when we add alcohol to that mix? ;)

Grab every smile and laugh you can find.

So very glad you're alive.


Pete said...

I just started following your blog. I am amazed by your consistent positive attitude in spite of being injured and losing a fellow solider.

I hope you heal quickly and are not in too much pain. Keep up the great work! We support you 100%

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, all I can say is that you are one hell of a woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country.


Sean from DocintheBox said...

Damn it Liz you suck! I was reading this and the phone rang and I choked when I answered it. I'm glad you're alright.

Dave H. said...

You have just discovered how random things are. You can not anticipate. If life is the choice, you are the winner.
Sorry that your partner was killed.
As one philosopher said" That which does not kill us, makes us stronger".
Hang in there!

Prodigal Son said...

come on Lizzie, seeing you hobble round and lithenin to you is fun. even tho you wouldnt say suferin-sucatash :p
u know how close ben and i were to Cari so i want to say Thank You for all the kind stuff ur saying bout her. anyone that knew her (even for 5 mins) knows how great a person she was. 1SG asked me if i was gunna be ok at her memorial (i think partly bc i was in the front row) .. ill see ya later hun. TTFN
Me ;)

Tom Carter said...

Lizzie, I'm an old soldier who was wounded long ago and went through an experience not too different from yours. I admire your spirit and your strength, and I understand the other feelings and memories you have, the ones you don't so easily share.

The memories of friends we lost in combat last forever, long after we've forgotten the pain and fear. And that's the way it should be.

I'm very proud of you, Lizzie. You're the kind of soldier who makes the Army special.

Kathleen A said...

Okay. So now I can't stop thinking of Cindy Brady getting picked on for having a lisp. So in order to get you back into speaking clearly say this 5 times fast until you get it right. "I slit a sheet a sheet I slit." I'm glad you are well. I'm sorry to hear about Cari Ann. Another brave American hero (kinda like you). Just honoring her brought out the sun - that's a good way to think of her. Keep smiling.

wowedout said...

keep your head up !


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

My name is Lori Haggenmiller, and I am writing to let you know that I am thinking of you.

My husband is originally from Penfield, NY, and he dated Cari Gasiewicz in 1996/1997. They had lost touch after that, since he moved down here to the Philly suburbs, but his parents emailed him a news article last week about Cari. I am so sorry to hear about this, and I hope that you're able to find peace.