December 07, 2004

Memorial services and then cake eating contests

I made it back safely this morning, finally got to enjoy that Blackhawk ride thanks to one of my ward mates who helped hook me up with a Space A flight back. I hopped off the Chopper this morning over in Camp Victory and was promptly met by 3 of my buddies. Apparently there was quite an argument over who got to be there to pick me up. We then went on to breakfast as I was STARVING, of course, everyone I knew at the chow hall was quite curious as to what happened to me LOL.
I made it back just in time for the other soldiers memorial service today, which was held by the lake here on Camp Slayer. It was a very moving and emotional thing. You know, up until this point, it was easy for me to believe that it wasn't real, that it was just a haze. Between the drugs and the pain, my thinking was rather blurry. But being there this morning, seeing and hearing, brought it all home for me. I so wanted it not to be real, why did I walk away from a wreck that killed a comrade and friend? Unfortunatly it is very real now, and now comes my real challenge, in that because the drugs have worn off, I am now deathly afraid of the nightmares I have already seen bits and pieces of. I can see them in my mind when I close my eyes, I see the truck slamming into the wall and it scares me all over again.
Today has been filled with well wishers though all over the BN, and tonight my company had a small welcome home party for me in our day room. Somehow along the way we ended up challenging two of our guys to a cake eating contest with a half of a carrot cake. OMG it was soooo funny. We have been joking with each other all day, as it has been very cathartic, but this was (Pun intended) the icing on the cake. One of them has a flight in the morning and I don't think he will be feeling too well ROFL;-D
Well, I am safe back where I belong, ready to redeploy home shortly.
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