December 11, 2004

Just here

9 days left to go before boarding a plane and flying out of the country into Kuwait. I swear the time couldn't pass more slowly LOL. I spent this morning watching episodes from the 7th season of Stargate, with my leg propped up on my pillows and sleeping bag, and the rest of me sprawled out all over the place.
Things have changed for me, and life is a little different, but I am not sure yet how. I don't sleep at nights, mostly due to the pain.
Nothing else here, SGT Lizzie Out (hehehe)


Anonymous said...

While you are there you should practice staying safe; you are in our prayers.

Iceman 1955 said...

Hang in there. When you get short the clock seems to run backwards. I hope your wounds are healing quickly. I have enjoyed reading your blog the last few months.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Lizzie, SHORT TIMER, EIGHT AND A WAKEUP!!! Hang in there, this too shall pass.
Sgt. Dave

Margaret said...

Does Ryan Seacrest know you 'borrowed' his line??? Just thought I'd ask.

Justrand said...

I'm also a relative newcomer to your blog, only finding out after you were wounded. Like others I am so very sorry to hear about Cari, and all the others hurt at the time. Fly home safe to a grateful nation! God Bless you and all our brave men & women serving there and around the world!

Semper Fi

Lucys5Cents said...

So glad you're keeping the leg(s) up -- just what you need now, some real recuperation. Remember, change is happening all around us, some Huge (like yours), some small, but keep the faith... We all are praying for you and ALL of your fellow men & women. And remember, we want to keep hearing from You and your journeys even when you're out of Iraq because you still tell us about "Life in this Girl's Army."

JUST A MOM said...

You just relax and Hang in there Lizzie!! Remember I will stll need your words to fill my days. Keep writing it will help!

Hang in there!

Zeke said...

I am so proud of you for serving and I'm also grateful to all that are serving our nation this Holiday Season. --Zeke

medic22 said...

Girl, I have been reading your blog for a long time,
please be safe and get home! When you get back home write all your experiences down in a book, it would be a best seller.
You are in our prayers and thoughts


Pat in NC said...

Thank God you are on the mend and your sense of humor has not left you. Have a safe trip home and keep on posting. God bless you girl.

Edd said...

Sgt. Lizzie,

A quick note to say Hi and a thank you for the job you do. Our son fought in Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom but unlike you was in Qatar all three times. He is a Tech. Sgt. with the South Carolina Air National Guard in munitions. In fact, it was his pallet that built some of the first “bunker busters” dropped during the start of the war in Iraq (please don’t hold that against him – the start of the war!). He loves the military and probably would like to go full time but holds a good civilian job in the Information Technology industry also.

Please keep writing although I must admit I’m a short-timer since only finding out about your blog through a link from Hugh Hewitt. Your blog is now one of 21 I read each morning as I have that luxury from having a series of heart attacks at the age of 49.

Let us keep hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

For you reading pleasure:

I Pray

Our men and women away from home
In a foreign country to them unknown
Learning what war is all about
They need to believe without a doubt.

They need to know that the people at home
Our spirits are with them wherever they roam
This gives them strength to plow full force
To guide their way and set their course.

God Keep them in your loving grace
With all the horror they have to face
Many now broken legless and blind
How can we tell them it’s time to be kind?

Still many in this country sit around and sneer
Threatening the progress of our loved ones dear
They’re fighting fro us to live without fear
While the enemy’s ugly head continues too rear.

Serving their country and serving it well
Their life over there is pure living hell
They are the ones on whom we depend
We send them to fight now we must defend.

Whatever their actions may have to be
Remember they’re fighting for both you and me.
They’re fighting a war to them that’s grown old
I pray God protects each precious soul.

By Cheryl F. Ross
Copyright 12/11/04
How Many Buckets

One bucket, two buckets how many to give?
Who’s to die and who’s to live?
Let freedom ring the cost was high,
The day Al Qaeda took over our sky.

So many lives lost on that day,
Now they’ll have hell to pay.
The longer we wait the higher the cost,
How many more lives do you want lost?

To the streets you go with a human cry,
“We’ve got to stop or all will die.”
Don’t you know when you cry as many,
You give aid and comfort to our enemy?

Now you help them is my dread,
Al Qaeda wants all of us dead.
If they listen to you, they’ll never stop,
Many more will die from their chop.

While cutting off heads to them just begun,
Al Qeada wants us to cut and run.
How many buckets of blood do we give?
If we allow Al Qaeda to live.

This cancer was growing and growing fast,
Lets make this time Al Qaeda’s last.
The Talaban first Saddam was next,
Then finally Gaddafi emptied his nest.

History tells us what tyrants have done,
Hitler and Stalin could have been one.
All have put their country in disgrace,
Destroying so much of the human race.

We fought two world wars the third is here,
Don’t you see America it’s very clear.
War takes lives and that’s hard to bare,
But this is one we did not declare.

Wake up people let’s all stay free,
Freedom cost many lives you see.
Many buckets of blood we did lose,
While we in America still get to choose.

By Cheryl F. Ross
Copyright 05/31/04

Garrison Steelle said...

Okay, my hobbled friend, here are some teasers to occupy your languishing mind:

* Imagine what it would be like trying to get around Lenox mall on those crutches right now! It's tough enough when you have two GOOD legs!

* You know that impossibly boring drive from Savannah to Atlanta on I-20? Try driving it using your crutches to work the pedals.

* Think about all the "liquid painkiller" I'm stockpiling back here on your behalf. You'd best be thirsty when you get back. ;)

I know not being able to be part of all the activity is rough. Just let us know if Tigger starts talking to you, okay?


Rosemary said...

Dear Sgt. Lizzie,
I am writing this at 12:05 am PCT, so officially you only have 7 days and a wake up! I know it seems like forever, but when the transportation gets here, don't wonder why you can't find that thing you have to bring home! I do it everytime without fail. Lol. Hey, at least I'm consistent. All my prayers of comfort and protection for our troops and of course you included. I have you linked to my site now, so please continue to write. I want to make sure your voice is heard. It is a good, funny, inspiring, lighthearted, enjoyable voice. If only we could be blessed with more like you... Merry ChristMass.

-[Medic]- said...

It's good to hear that you are getting better. And what better way to heal than watching Stargate.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Lizzie, Thank you so much for all your posts that kept me up to date while you were over there. I am so glad you are healing, and will look for you when you get off the plane, I guess you'll be the one on crutches. I have read your blogs daily for months, and I just love your spirit. Be safe be careful and be you. Vickie

Mummy said...

Vickie You won't be able to see the crutches Liz will be the one swamped by little sisters with some old lady trying to beat her way through them to get to her daughter :)