December 17, 2004

Other blogs

I was reading through my comments yesterday, and came across one that mentioned another blog that had told the story of my attack from another perspective. Right under that was a comment from the blogger himself apologizing for any insensitvity his platoon may have shown. He didn't need to do that in my opinion. I read the account and didn't find it insensitive in the least. We all cope with the horrors in a different way, and for some, that is macabre humour and laughing when it seems most inappropriate. Nothing wrong with that.
A good friend of mine posted an email she received from another friend of hers about an attack, I strongly recommend reading it, but warning, a wee graphic:


Garrison Steelle said...

Sigh. I've said it before and I won't hesitate to say it again. You can't get home soon enough.


Eric said...

The NYC liberal in me cares about 'sensitive'. The former soldier in me wonders, did the LT and his soldiers do their job? Did they accomplish mission? If the answer is 'yes', that's all the sensitive I need to know.

Mummy said...

Looking forward to our night out!!! We are still holding Christmas for you :)

I read the other Blog and responded to you in eamil but I am going to point out here I take exception to his use of the words "Whiney Bitches". Being whiney is not soley a female characteristic, being a bitch is. You dear are a first class Bitch and proud of it. Whiney however you most certainly are not! I am proud of you Baby so stop whining about your vainity we are going OUT!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!!!