December 16, 2004

Oh so close, almost can taste the freedom

Just a few more days here until we board the plane to Kuwait. With any luck I will get to see my baby brother there. He is soon on his way over here. Mummy is just loving that I know, get one child back, send the other over. But all will be good.
They finally found something I can do, packaging things up for mailing back LOL. Don't need legs for that ROFL.
Anyway, nothing new here, still here though. Be home sooooooon!


Garrison Steelle said...

LOL. Glad they FINALLY found something for you to do besides just sit around all day. I know that has to be boring. What is it, 3 and a wake-up now? That would be too cool if you get to see your brother while in Kuwait!


JUST A MOM said...

Wow that went by fast, not to mention you had something to pass the time. Let's not do that again ok. Hope you catch up with your brother, your mum will just have to change the sheets from cowboys to flowers.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...


Check out and the posting for Dec 16. I am pretty sure the incident is he talks about is when you were wounded. He is pretty blunt in describing the incident.
Stay safe and get healed so you can have fun when you get back to the states.

REDSIX said...

SGT Lizzie,
I'm 1LT Prakash. I'm sorry for not showing any sensitivity to the situation my platoon responded to. There are certain emotions and opinions I do not post due to my position as a commissioned officer. I'd like to talk to you in a direct email dialogue about what I felt. Especially since my fiancee is a 2LT and is on her way here to Iraq in 10 months. My email address is