December 01, 2004

20 days

Almost out of this country and we are excited here. Sunday morning we had ranges, though this time not to qualify, ,but to just familiarize ourselves with the big guns, aka the M60, and the M240B. LOADS of fun:-D The noise alone was tremendous. We all had a good time though, just chilling and taking our turns firing at targets.
Monday was a fairly busy day, we spent the afternoon unloading and reloading milvans in prepartion for Customs today.
Today we loaded our personal foot lockers, and knocked one more milvan out. Just a few more to pack and then GO! This morning I was out at the front gate, watching the bomb dog at work. This was the CUTEST little cocker spaniel, who was soo much fun to play with. The guys there were cracking jokes that the poor dog would be no good the rest of the day with all the attention I was giving him LOL:-D It was fun to watch him work though, because he just goes up and checks everything really without having to be guided around the vehicle.


Garrison Steelle said...

A cocker bomb dog? Not exactly the breed I would expect, but having owned one in the past I can certainly understand the choice.

20 days. So short, but still too long. Keep that head down, Sarge.


Did not bat said...

Hello Sgt
I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your reports from the land of sand over the past months. Twenty days left to cross off, light at the end of the tunnel!
I take my hat off to you and the other troops for the work you are doing over there. Keep up the good reports.
Best regards.

Prodigal Son said...

well its 620am and im bored .. wanted to see how SGT Lizzie was doin. Miss ya hun. when ya get a minute email me with your new name and ill see/talk to ya later *HUG* TTFN
Me ;)

JUST A MOM said...

20 days!!!! WOW What a great christmas present!! Stay safe. Hang in there!