December 31, 2004


We just returned from the little party the post had here at the gym. LAME! But it was cool hanging out with my best friend and my brother:) We sat around looking like dorks, me in my big cone hat, T. in his little one, and J. just being a party pooper;) Come time for the countdown we all went inside to watch it on the gym clock, and then they released a lot of balloons which promptly began to get popped and with the amount of people and balloons, it sounded like a range! ICK. We got out of there fast LOL. Then we went outside and taught T. how to pop his cork. ON HIS BOTTLE OF (fake) CHAMPAGNE you sickos ROFL ROFL:-D That was hilarious. As we walked home, downtown Kuwaiti City started their fireworks so we stopped and watched for a time, and then walked back to our AO. We were standing around talking, when a young girl walked by T. and askd him if he was ok to drive as he was still holding his bottle. Cuuuute young thing too, and T. just let her walk right by. J. and I started in on him, just bemoaning T.'s lack of flirtation skills ROFL. It was very amusing. Now I am off to bed as I am getting a little TOO old to be staying up all night. (don't start, you try going for a few rolls with a LMTV and tell me you don't feel old :-D )


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note- Been reading your blog for a month or so - i do enjoy reading about your life.(So nice to hear about you young ones.)
Just wanted to tell you and you family;
Thanks for your time and sacrifices. May the Lord bless you and your whole family in this New Year! May he watch over you ALL!
Any of your family ever in the Dallas area - email me - and I will meet you and buy you dinner!

wowedout said...


Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Sgt. Lizzie!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you do. May you and yours have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year!

Laughing Wolf

Lucys5Cents said...

It was SO neat to have Sgt.Lizzie introduce the New Year for us! Glad you were out of the 'zone' and could zone-out with your brother & buddies. Can't wait to hear your reports once stateside! Tie down the Waffle House, here she comes! [will someone tell me what ROFL is for once & for all??] Don't aggravate that leg/knee especially traveling so long. (Remember the aspirin rule of thumb.) OK, all you other mothers out there, let her hear it: Be Careful! We want to keep hearing from you in 2005 -- Godspeed to home!

Watch 'n Wait said...

I think...don't know for positive...that ROFL means Rolling on Floor Laughing. Which in the Sgt's case is the state of affairs most of the time. :))

Garrison Steelle said...

I thought of you often last night as there were several different dress uniforms present. Glad you had a decent evening, though. Looking forward to having you back here this year!


Rosemary said...

Dear Sgt. Lizzie,
What a wonderful day to be alive, thanks to all of you. I am just very happy. I hope you are well. I pray for your healing and safety. Do you know when you are coming home? Don't tell, if it will break any rules. Just as long as you know, sort of! Hehehe. I'm glad you had a fair to nice New Years Eve. I pray 2005 will be a blessing to you, the USA, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all over the world, but America first. Is that selfish? I think it is only reasonable. Without America, who would help the rest of the people?! God bless you.

NotQuiteDead said...


Happy New Year, sweetie. :) Just think, this time next week, we'll both be home!!! *woohoo*