January 02, 2005

This time next week

I will be one very hungover individual! YAY! (ok, maybe not so hungover;) Time to go home. I'll let you all know before I fly:-D Either way, another year down, another to begin. My New Years resolutions:
Start School
Have Fun
Be a little more social
hmmmmm, I don't know, anyone got any suggestions? What do you all think I should do this year?


JUST A MOM said...

First off keep in contact, don't forget us out here. Then I think you should sit down and sift thru the last year. Unload the stuff you don't want and hang onto the stuff you do. ENJOY LIFE!!!! Have fun!

Garrison Steelle said...

Indulge! You've been too damn close to death, so this is the year to enjoy life. Give. Do. Be. Enjoy.

Wish I could be in Savannah when you get there. Just turn west and scream. I'm sure I'll hear you. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi!! glad your doing ok!!!



Your famous now :)


Greg said...

Write a book...

I have been following your blog since your 'incident' with extreme interest. I even did some online research to find details about your less fortunate driver.

Your experiences sound like the maings of a facinating book. :)

Tom Carter said...

Always be proud of yourself and what you've done. You and your fellow soldiers are great young Americans, and you have the respect and gratitude of your country.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service to our Country!!
I wish you all the best for rest of your life.
Oh yea, you should write a book about your experiences. It would make a great movie..

NotQuiteDead said...

1. Get home, relax, unwind.

2. Drive to Wilmington. Often. *winks*

Anonymous said...

Just be safe and thank you for all you have done.

Pat in NC said...

Relax and then pursue what will make you happy. Thank you for your service and for your blog.

AirborneVet said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know what you can do for the new year! Make decisions and stick with them! Stop changing your mind!

Oh, wait. You're a woman, that will never happen!

Ha! Ha! Ha!