January 03, 2005

Dizzy and a little out of it

All the lights are on in my tent, so sleep is out of the question currently. However due to a little cold I have picked up from my best friend, I am a wee bit sick, and have taken the aafes version of nyquil. Gooood stuff. Right now my head feels like it's spinning around, in a semi good way;)
It's a mundane day here in Arifjan, however we did have an interesting time this morning playing jeopardy with questions based on our jobs. Interesting way of learning and seeing just how much we knew:) This afternoon we had platoon PT, and as my team went running, I went to the gym and got on the elliptical machine. Not near as bad as it could have been:) I learn everyday more and more things that I am capable of doing:)
Ok, so there really isn't much more to write about, basically I have been reading a lot of (silly) books and watching a few TV shows. bleah. Soon though it will be home and the the hectic pace that is redeployment. With any luck, this time we will have some down time between redeploying, and deploying, unlike last time ROFL:-D We shall see though, won't we?
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