December 20, 2004

Dancing the night away (on one good leg:)

I can't remember the last time I felt this damned good! To my good fortune and great pleasure, it was country night in the quad tonight. They have a small stage with a dance floor set up, and the DJ played country music while everyone danced, including me. There was NO way they were keeping me off the floor, particularily when I had found a very good dance partner for myself:-D No, nothing like that, he is wicked cool though. I have this unique ability to find a small group of people and then befriend them rapidly as I did tonight. I was standing outside talking to my brother and gradually the crowd grew. Eventually there was 5 of us heading off to Chinese (I know, in the Midle east no less ROFL), laughing and having a great time. Obviously there was me, my brother, then there was the Bruce Willis lookalike (I kid you not, the guy looks JUST like him, just as wicked good looking), Mr. Firey RED hair, and the Italian. Ok for that matter, they were ALL good looking. I was out with the best looking men around, but of course, I do have that natural charisma:-D Mind you, I was the only one in a non-combat MOS, so the level of pervetness was HIGH ROFL:-D Fun!!! Anyway, after Chinese, I went and showered and changed into PTs, andthen rejoined them inthe quad. It kinda sucked there for awhile, as I was watching everyone dance and I was bummed because I LOVE to dance. Then they played Copperhead Road. Iam sorry, I simply CAN NOT sit still for Copperhead Road!!!! After that it was just a matter of getting Rush (Red hair) to take me out on the floor and two-step:-D I even got to slow dance a time or two with a couple of different guys:) I have laughed and smiled more tonight then I think in all my time in Iraq combined. And hell, that group of guys did more for boosting my lagging self esteem than anything I could have thought of:-D Right now, I am sitting on top of the world and I'll be damned if someone tries to knock me off of my perch:-D
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