December 14, 2004


I went in to sick call for what is hopefully the final time today, and had the stitches in my legs and lips removed so little by little I am getting there. I am currently hobbling around without crutches, by doctors approval I assure you. I have to head over later and get a cane, but other then that all better.
I was talking to my team leader last night after his return from out west, and he made the statement that it was good of me to return. I was thinking about that later, and I have to admit that my reasons for returning were actually rather selfish. Sure, I could have gone home, but the first thing I probably would have done would to be get drunk. No I don't have a problem there, but I would have been very morose with no one around who really understands the pain. Here, at least when I return, I will STILL grab a bottle of alcohol and get tipsy, but it will be a joyous happy thing. That and here, I have my other family, the ones that drive me ever living insane 99% of the time, but also the ones I needed to lean on, the ones who would best understand what I was dealing with, as they have been out here.
On a happy note, I leave with just one word, that only one person will understand: MORE
(sorry I just had to get that in there ROFL:-D)
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