December 19, 2004

Life is SOOOOOO good right now

We left this afternoon from Camp Slayer, saying adios amigos, on the backs of LMTV's riding to the airport. Of course, Iraq had to get one last lick in, and it started to hail while we were on our way and our faces were getting hit with little tiny pieces. That was quite alright with us, we were leaving and we didn't care. We got on a C-130 this evening and flew out. I was so tempted to start singing "Shananana shanananan hey hey gooodbye" :-D We got to Arifjan, unloaded everything, and my first priority was to the internet cafe, to see if the brat had written yet with where he was staying. Not more then a minute after I sent him an email, then he walks through the door:-D I am sooooooo HAPPY right now:-D


Sean from DocintheBox said...

Whooohooo! Have a safe trip, sounds like we're going be be missing each other.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I left Iraq myself on 2 Feb of this year - after being in country since 22 Mar '03 (not that I was counting each day!). When my HMMWV crosssed the Kuwaiti border at NAVSTAR, I lit up a Cuban. It was the best cigar that I've ever smoked.


Bon said...

Merry Christmas Lizzie :)