October 01, 2004

A damned good day:-D

That would be yesterday. Granted, it didn't start very well, I bolted out of bed around 0645 and out the door about 0650 so you can see how fast I got dressed. I was on a convoy to drop someone off so that they could go on leave:) Since that doesn't take long I was back shortly, and as it was to be a slow morning I went back to my room, showered and got ready for the day properly. Got to the office a little later then normal, but like I said slow morning. As I left to go to lunch, it got fun:) As I was walking up the hill, one of my friends that I have not seen in forever came driving around the corner. We stopped and chatted, but I had a prior lunch engagement that I had to get to. Well, the person with whom I was supposed to eat lunch was very busy and unable to go. So I went with my other friend, and as we walked over to the chow hall we played a bit of catch up. He had just come back from leave, and it wasn't all he had hoped for, though not his fault. It seems that a young lady had gotten him rather besotted with her, and he thought, she with him. But shortly after returning to the states, she very cruely dumped him, and gave no reason why. My friend is a very sweet sweet person and in no way deserved it! But we also talked about what we had been up to otherwise and all in all it was great to see him again, and be able to spend time talking to him.
Yesterday afternoon was a busy one for myself and my team mate, in fact we didn't leave the office til time to go to chow at 1700, which of course always makes me happy as it makes the time fly by a wee faster. We went to chow, where I saw another friend whom I have not seen in a long time. As he was staying the night here, we made arrangments to meet later that night and catch up on his leave:)
So I was very fortunate yesterday, and by the time I went to bed, I went to bed feeling a wee better then I have in awhile. Friendships in this country are valuable to me, and I do treasure them.


Garrison Steelle said...

Cool. If one didn't know better we might think you were in a normal office anywhere else in the world.


Lucys5Cents said...

Boy, it's universal, huh? I bet everyone gets a kick out of hearing about most Leave stories, kind of like going home vicariously. Makes ya' wonder about that WW2 generation -- I mean, there were so many cases of people just knowing each other for days sometimes, getting married just before shipping out for X months/years (mostly w/o Leave), and they're still married 60+ years later! Go figure -- glad to hear you had a DGD; be safe Lizzie!

ACura said...

I feel sad for your friend that got dumped. That's awful. I hope he is feeling much better and forgotten about it by now. Shame on the woman that would do that with out a logical explanation. Be safe.

marty45 said...

Just discovered your blog and it brings back memories. I was active duty in the mid 80's in CA and stateside resevist (PA)during the first Gulf War and the next 10 years as a military spouse.

Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your blog

Ms. Vickie said...

So glad your day went well and you were able to spend time catching up with friends. I am so sorry to hear what happened to your friend for he did not deserve that and I hope he is doing o-aky. Good friends are very nice to have at al times but especially at times like this. I know it is very nice to have e-mails and to stay busy while over there for one of my best friends just returned from over there afyer being there for a year so I will be reading your blog and staying in touch. If your friend would like an e-mail pal drop me a note and I would love to write him.

Ms. Vickie said...

By the way Lizzie my blog is