September 30, 2004

Up Armour and life in a combat zone

I wanted to take this moment and tell you all a little bit about what my unit and the Army has been doing to protect us. I realized that this may be something you all don't hear about quite as much in the civilian world as we do in the military. Anyway, when we first got here, all of our vehicles were soft, that is to say, no armor of any kind and the doors were canvas. We also didn't have any gun trucks to mount our big guns on. Well, when we got to Iraq the first thing we did was start armouring our doors to provide us with some form of resistance against attacks. At first this was a temporary fix, using improvised items (Still very effective none the less), but we then started transitioning to the Army Issued Armour kits, which include doors, windows and side plating to give us the best possible defense against bad things that happen on the roads. We also recieved several gun trucks. That is just one example, there are many other things that have been revised, reworked, or redone to make us, the US forces out here, safer.
Being a student of History, I have read a good many books on the wars our country has been involved in, and I have read several first account stories of troops in WWII, and I am amazed at the struggle and the hardship that they had to face. It is amazing to see the progress that has been made and the way today's soldier has it soooooo much better off. I can not imagine having to run around with ALL of my gear on my back, living in a foxhole, or lying on the cold wet ground. I feel very lucky to be sitting in an office, relativly comfortable! Oh the things we take for granted these days. Just sit sometime and think about what life would be like with no TV, no Cells, no fast food, no cars. I for one don't ever want to think about life without my little baby car LOL:)
Oh, and for those who were curious, the Oakleys were mine, bought and paid for:) Our unit issues out the Wiley X's which make for wonderful goggles, but not so practical sunglasses:)
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