September 29, 2004

Broken sunglasses

I am a horrid klutz, prone to breaking things accidently. But this time I swear, it wasn't me LOL. My beloved Oakleys just snapped for no reason:( Bummer. Oh well, new excuse to do a little online browsing.
For those who are curious how I am able to keep this updated as often as I do, Internet cafes are all over the country, plus I am fortunate enough to be in a company that has to have computers capable of reaching the internet:) The internet is my best way of keeping in touch with friends and family, as phone time is rare, and snail mail, is just that. SLOW LOL. Not that I don't LOVE getting boxes from people I know, it just isn't an effective way of keeping in contact.
Lucy, email me:) I just posted my addy, and I would love to continue chatting over that with you.
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