September 28, 2004

Deployment #2

For those of you who were curious, this is deployment number 2 for me. I was in Kuwait during the war last year, returned in June 03, and was right back out the door 6 months later. I also have done a 1 year tour in Korea.
Yes, the food here is actually pretty damned good. It's NOT MRE's and for that we are glad, but for the most part, it isn't unreasonable. When I first got here, we were based out of Abu Ghraib (yes, THAT prison), and the food there was one step below inedible. But, it got better when a new company took over. It isn't a 5 star restaurant here, but, we aren't suffering, I tell you that:)
YES, I Really miss my heels. But to understand that, you have to know, I am 5'3". Short little thing. And while yes, my boots may be a sight more comfortable, I miss my heels:-D

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