September 28, 2004

Deployment #2

For those of you who were curious, this is deployment number 2 for me. I was in Kuwait during the war last year, returned in June 03, and was right back out the door 6 months later. I also have done a 1 year tour in Korea.
Yes, the food here is actually pretty damned good. It's NOT MRE's and for that we are glad, but for the most part, it isn't unreasonable. When I first got here, we were based out of Abu Ghraib (yes, THAT prison), and the food there was one step below inedible. But, it got better when a new company took over. It isn't a 5 star restaurant here, but, we aren't suffering, I tell you that:)
YES, I Really miss my heels. But to understand that, you have to know, I am 5'3". Short little thing. And while yes, my boots may be a sight more comfortable, I miss my heels:-D


Lucys5Cents said...

Didn't know you had been in Korea too! How do you compare duty between these two different locales?

You're practically a walking history book girl :--)
I mean, you've been in Kuwait, the Far East, spent time out at *that* prison, and are watching Wil & Grace reruns when you can. Wow! In the old days, we'd say, "Far out!"

Did you keep a Blog going in Kuwait or up at Abu Ghraib? What makes it possible in any given day to sit down and write on your laptop? Can you work on it in your quarters (is it a tent, a building, how many roommates?) or do you have to go to a central power supply R&R type location?

And with all of the reading you're doing, does it come from a base library or from family and friends sending you things? If you tell me you're doing eBay I'll crack up!

Well Sgt. Lizzie, hope someone is printing out and keeping a binder of your messages and comments because if your computer crashed or anything I'd hate to think of you losing all this written memorabilia! You must like to write because you cover a wide range of topics easily; that's a great skill. Keep it up and be well.

Lucys5cents, Scorpio gals rule!

Anonymous said...

Korea scares me just thinking about it.

Glad to hear that at least you're being fed well.

There should be some manner of adding heels to those boots. ;)


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

I've visited Korea a couple of times for Foal Eagle and Team Spirit exercises (I was stationed on Okinawa--Enroute Maintenance crew chief at the time), and I think it was a combination of scary and fascinating to be there. Mandu soup, soju, bulgoki, gochujang sauce, bibim bap... I kinda fell in love with the food there (compared to Japanese/Okinawan food where a lot of it is based on seaweed and pickled beets).

One time it got scary was when an inbound C-141 landed earlier than scheduled, so we sped out to the flightline at Taegu to catch it, and as I got to the inner gate at the flightline the guard pointed out that I didn't have the right line badge on. I pointed to the airplane, and my vest and paddles, gesturing that I was going to block it in, and he just shook his head. No go. I started to go anyway, and no only did HE lock and load, but I heard an M-60 lock and load in a concealed guard location I hadn't even noticed before. They were DEAD serious, no badgee, no get pastee. The aircrew of the 141 had to wait for about ten minutes for my Captain to clear it with the ROK base commander and have him send the word down to his guards to let me in. They did my paperwork for the Taegu line badge later that day.

Koreans don't mess around. It's serious business to them.