September 28, 2004

Deployed Life as a Woman

The question was asked in one of the various comments that I have, and I am not to sure I am qualified to answer it fully. So I turned to one of my company mates who regularly goes out to different places with her team on her views. I forgot though, she is a lot like me in her attitude towards being deployed, in that it really doesn't matter one way or another, and she is also considered by many to be the female version of Stifler ROFL:-D Anyway, a few salient points: 1. The local nationals will stare, openly. Just their culture, plus we are American, Women, and in uniform, which is an unusual thing to them. It drives us a wee insane, but we learn to put up with it.
2. American men get doubly worse in their one liners, Ok I am (partially) joking on that one.
3. For the most part, it isn't much different then being in the states. Ok certain things are unavailable to us, but that is the same across the board. I think the one thing that gets most females I know is the loss of looks so to speak. One does get tired of wearing the same thing, or the same hairstyle day after day, and I know that some of the girls I know just long to feel pretty again, in their own clothing, with their own way of doing things. Hell, I feel the same way. I long for the feel of my outrageously high heels again LOL. But for now we do what we can in little ways, such as wearing makeup (Me and, hard to part ROFL), or perfume. And as ever, realize that this is what we signed up for, and occasionally sacrifices, however silly they may seem, must be made.
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