September 27, 2004

Waterloo, and inspiration

Waterloo came up in conversation last night with my best friend, as we were talking about our various interests, mine being a great love of history. To my shame I neither knew what year the battle of Waterloo took place (1815) nor whom the great general had been. Ok granted my view of Napoleon was that of a dictator so I didn't think of him militarily, but nor could I remember the British Duke that conquered him. (Wellington) So, I got myself trumped on Military History, but that's ok, I redeemed myself with my personal fav, King Henry the 8th and his 6 wives:-D I could practically write a thesis on him. (Ok slight exaggeration there hehehe) Currently though, I am reading a Jeff Shaara book, "Gone For Soldiers" about the Mexican American war 1846-1848. it is interesting reading, particularily to see a young Robert E Lee, and his influences.
On a new note, I (Yes little ole ME!) have inspired someone to start a blog of her own. Way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! See Lucy5cents @ A seriously cool name in my opinion, and I love the reference to Peanuts, one of my all time favourite comics.
My other favourite comic for those wondering is For Better For Worse. I have pratically grown up with that strip and it has always been fun to read and see what new mischeifs have been thought up. There have been times when it is almost as though they are describing my family, such as one strip I remember, when the younger sister April was writing Elizabeth about various things and ends with "The best part is, I can wear your clothes now" ROFL> As I now have 3 (Mommy, 2 sisters) other people in the family to steal my clothes (I steal theirs too Mwahahaha) I know the feeling:-D
Update on the office, I am now sitting in a fully AC office, with tables, and electricity, and lights. So now we have a workspace to work out of, with any luck, work will start coming our way:)
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