October 17, 2004


Bizarre subject title I know. Explanation: Over here, not alot smells good. The smog here is rather thick, and it is exacerbated by the land fill that is less then 100m from where we live and work. On top of that, the locals here don't seem to shower much, so BO is a big thing as well. So, when we smell something good, it tends to grab our attention. Case in point, a guy walks by me and he smells delish, maybe cologne or even his after shave, that guy is going to get my attention for at least a second, regardless of what he looks like. I was over in the infantry guys area just a few minutes ago, getting some info for work, and a guy who doesn't particularily like me (Actually I think he despises me from the bottom of his soul) spoke up and said that he had to say that whenever I was there, the place did smell better. ROFL! Quite the compliment. And the reason I like to wear perfumes and such, I like to smell nice. During the summer, not such a good idea, but now that it is cooling off, I can get away with it and not be eaten alive by the skitos.
;Well, just a short one today, despite the fact that it is my day, I do have a mission to accomplish, so adios for now.
BTW, Davey, I really wish I could roll over and sleep when the mortars hit, but the higher ups don't really like that. No, they like us to venture out of our safety zone to a building 4 buildings from mine, so that they can account for me. LOL
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