October 18, 2004

Manic Mondays

FYI yes I do love 80's music:)
This morning was our usual Monday Morning Maintainence and thankfully today we only had one part to install on our truck, so we were done early, by comparitive standards. And there was a bonus, the part we had to install didn't involve grease, fuel, or other icky substances. Although, we did have to try a bit of WD-40 to attempt pulling off screws we ended up just snapping off (Major rust damage). Fun stuff.
I got to speak with my dearest Mummy on the phone last night for a solid 30 minutes without the usual interruptions in the satellites or phone lines. It was great to hear her voice as well as those of a good number of my extended family, who are all currently gathered to celebrate my Aunt's wedding to a very nice guy:) I have met her new husband on a number of occasions and he is just the sweetest:) I was sorry I wasn't able to be home, but I was home in July for my family reunion, where for the first time in my 23 years we have had the entire family, all 4 children, spouses, fiance's, and all 16 grandchildren in one place at one time. That was a blast!!!!!!!! In fact the Inn where we had the family reunion was where they held the wedding, so I can imagine what it was like, and of course my mother is going to email me LOT's of pictures (HINT HINT ROFL) so I can see what everyone was wearing:)
Also, my dearest friend returned from a class yesterday, and so all is right in my little world again. It is amazing what having my friend here does. While I am quite self sufficient on my own, in that I really don't mind being on my own, I do occasionally enjoy the presence of someone with whom I can talk, share good and bad news with, and just generally have a friend. This life I lead is often a lonely one, one that I have accepted, but the presence of one I trust is a joy.
I was asked recently about my experiences homeschooling. I was homeschooled from 2nd grade, right on through my high school years, save for a few exceptions here and there, and to be honest, I don't think I would have turned out quite so well as I did. While mind you I am not degrading the experiences others have had in public and private schools, for me personally I would not trade my education for the world. I will improve on it, but I veiw my childhood education as what helped make me who I am, my base. Homeschooling allowed me to go at my own pace, which was for me, a rapid one. I love learning, and tend to devour education, like it was actual food. Many people, particularily those my age tend to rattle on about socialization or how I was stunted socially because I did not attend school. How I did not experience the finer things in school, such as dances or proms, or what have you. So? Let's think about what else I missed here: Peer pressure, drugs, alcoholism, racism, various predjudices.....the list could continue on. Growing up, my mother had us children involved in alot of different things. There were homeschooling groups where we could play with other children while our parents discussed grown up things, I was very heavily involved in church groups and activities growing up, choir, drama, the like. Also, being that we were homeschooled, our schedule was a lot more open for things like classes at the local rec center, private dance lessons (My brothers) gymnastics (My VERY talented sister) or private violin lessons and orchestras (moi). My education was very rich and diverse, and I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I am who I am today because of it, and I am very proud of who I am and who I have made of myself. The world ahead is full of possibilities that I can take because I have the education, and the will to do.

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