October 19, 2004

Life in the not so fast lane.

Life and work recently have been fairly consistent, while not over swamped, I do have things to do everyday:) It's rather nice. We changed to a new schedule, and the way it is set up, I will have my birthday off. My birthday isn't really that big a deal, but something like that is just nice.
I managed to get my arse chewed today, and yes, it was my fault. I really need to get with it. The things that I am goofing on are simple facts! Oh well, learning learning learning learning.
Over all though, today was a good one for me, and now I am off to organize all of my DVD's in the new case I bought.
Oh, if you get the chance, check this website out: http://www.redjelleyfish.com They have the coolest E cards, that I just adore. You do have to register, but it is free.
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