October 31, 2004

A comedy of Epic proportions

Ok, maybe not but I still thought it was funny: Due to the elections, we are at an increased threat level, which in part entails the wear of the protective vest and kevlar at all times and no matter where we go. (Including the porta pottie which for us females is a royal pain in the bazoonkas) This afternoon for lunch, my team mates went ahead of myself and one other person to get the vehicle. Well, myself and this other person walked up to the truck, thinking that it would be just the 4 of us, when we opened the doors we found that 5 people were already in the 7 seater suburban and my TL was just walking up. Trying to be nice, I said that I would walk (it's only 1/2 mile and I do it frequently anyway) but they would have none of it and thus we squeezed 8 people wearing full armour, and mind you 6 of the 8 are large men (they work out), into an 8000 LB armored suburban. Was quite a tight fit, and rather funny to see everyone come pouring out at the chow hall.
Right now we are on alert, with no major changes to the schedule, but should it become neccessary, we will be called upon to pull tower guard duty. NOT something I had hoped to do again in my time here in Iraq, but if it is needed, I will be up there, ready to be bored to pieces. Nothing exciting has ever happened in my time on the towers, NOT that I hope it would.
I am actually glad for the gear right now, as this morning walking back from chow I had the rather unnerving experience of hearing a rocket fly over head and then land across the way in another base camp. Of course the sirens promptly went off. I HATE loud noises to start with, and sirens just add a new level of cringe for me. (Something about listening to them night and day during the war while in Kuwait and they were lobbing scuds at us.)
Well, I am safe and sound for now, that is all the news from lake slayer, where the women and men are equally insane:)
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