October 09, 2004

Prone to accidents? Who knows.

So, while I was out riding this afternoon, in the beautiful just before it rains period here, I got stung by a really big wasp mid cycle. This really kinda torqued me, because I was doing really well, had the heart rate up, had kicked commo hill (The biggest hill on post) and boom, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It bloody hurts! Oh well, nothing to do for it, no baking soda or meat tenderizer around. I do have some topical stuff, benedryl, but it really isn't helping.
Enough cry babying from me. I just spent a few hours, lounging around the room, watching "Mean Girls" and pampering myself with my usual weekly facial. Even deployed it is important to feel good, and take care of skin:) I like to use masks and stuff like that, and moisturizer is my best friend.
Tomorrow is the BN picnic, so I will have plenty to report tomorrow afternoon, and I promise, a photo page to go with:-D
Bed time for me,


Sean from DocintheBox said...

there is nothing nice about being stung, damn bugs. My entire unit didn't have a wasp sting for our 6 months out there but then again I never saw a wasp out where we were at. Go hit up a doc for some cool meds!

Seth said...

Damn wasp. Was it like a huge freak Iraqi wasp? Or is that just mosquitoes? I'm glad you're still taking care of yourself. It's important to do little things like that to keep your sanity.

Um, the M&Ms thing, no one I know does it, but Usher does it before a concert to calm himself down. Stupid MTV and this useless knowledge it has given me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the wasp sting. Seems a lot worse compared to the bee sting I got mowing the lawn this weekend. My cure was to go and have a beer. Wish you could do the same over there. Keep up the good work, I hope all of you there know how many of us over here appreciate everything you are doing. Cool blog too...

Last said...

Hope you're feeling better... try dabbing vinegar on it?