October 12, 2004

Last two days

These last 2 days have been rather busy for me, never really a bad thing in my opinion.
Sunday of course was the BN picnic, a rather interesting time. Beginning formation was a 1030, and as the command attention was given, and silence fell over the group, explosions could be heard in the distance. It was artillery, but explosions have a tendancy to make us nervous, so in that split second before our brains connected then with good things, there was nervous laughter. Our CSM (Command Sergeant Major, for those of you non Military types, senior ranking enlisted person in the BN), spoke to us for a brief moment, concerning the 85 days we have left, before requesting 2 volunteers. Me being the numbskull that I can be at times, I did and was selected. After he called us up to the front of the formation, we found out that we were to be the team captains for the day, with the starting game to be dodgeball. I selected the biggest, strongest, and meanest guys I could, and I did have a pretty darned good team. The first game we trounced them, I was tagged out, but no biggie. The second game however..................Same guy who managed to get me the first time, threw for a second try, and got me, right across the face pretty hard (Not done intentionally of course) I was knocked for a loop and had to be assisted off the field, but I was alright. Just had a good sized red mark and a headache. We lost that game and went in for 2 out of 3. I went in, and what do you know, SAME guy hit me again, this time below the belt at a point where if I had been a guy, I would have been singing soprano for awhile. OUCH that hurt ROFL. You'd think I would have had enough at this point and gone and hid somewhere safe. Nope, not more then 5 minutes after the game I was standing around, minding my own business when "L, look out" I lifted my head to see who was calling only to feel the thud of yet another ball hitting my head. A friend of mine said that I need just to give up, go get my vest and kevlar. The rest of the picnic I managed to go unscathed, of course I also spent the rest of the time reading a John Grisham novel (my idea of a good time). The picnic broke up around 1500, and a friend and I headed north to the big PX, where we discovered that it was temporarily closed due to blackout. We waited outside, and while we were waiting, artillery was shooting not more then a mile away. VERY LOUD! The first time the guns went off I jumped out of my skin and my friend had a great time laughing at me (The meanie:).
Yesterday, I spent all day outside at our motor pool conducting maintainence on my truck. It wasn't exactly planned though, in the morning we gave it the weekly checks, and installed new doors and latches on it. Afterwards, we were due for a QA/QC (quality assurance/quality check), and so I stayed with the truck while that occured. Well, during the check, it was noted that my tire had a good sized cut in the sidewall and would have to be replaced. No biggie. After lunch I went and did that and that is when the fun began. I pulled the tire off, and put a new one on, and a mechanic came over and noticed that the wheel was moving more then it should. So the afternoon was spent trying to figure out why, and at the end of the day it was determined that my truck was now deadlined (unable to be driven anywhere). Not a word anyone wants to hear regarding their truck. I had a good time though, because we have some new civilian mechanics there, and while I ignored them all morning, that afternoon I had warmed up to them enough to joke and play.
So my last 2 days have been full and productive, and surprisingly, no letting up yet. I spent my morning working on various different things, and currently am waiting on my team mates to return so that we can check things out and then continue on to our next project.
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