October 21, 2004

Insurance Company

Ok, that comment made me giggle. (see last posting) Reason you don't hear about much action from me: 1. I work in a very sensitive field, 99% of my work is classified, so I really can't talk about it. 2. Operational Security. There are certain things that I just can't talk about because it isn't wise to. Besides, I live on a (semi) safe post, never go outside the wire, and the most exciting thing that ever really happens is when the chow is really good. They have hot wings to die for here. Just like Hooters at home:-D
To me, the biggest things are my friends. War is such a miserable being, and I look for happiness. My dearest friend is accused of looking through the world with rose coloured glasses, and I like that. I like to find the good in people, I like to find the spots of happiness in what is otherwise a dreary world. Day after day we face the harsh reality of death, even though we are supposed to be "safe". Lately we have been getting mortared again, the other night one dropped in front of a building, a little too close for comfort. So forgive me if my blog isn't that exciting, I prefer it to be uplifting and amusing.
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