October 20, 2004

Insurance Company

Ok, that comment made me giggle. (see last posting) Reason you don't hear about much action from me: 1. I work in a very sensitive field, 99% of my work is classified, so I really can't talk about it. 2. Operational Security. There are certain things that I just can't talk about because it isn't wise to. Besides, I live on a (semi) safe post, never go outside the wire, and the most exciting thing that ever really happens is when the chow is really good. They have hot wings to die for here. Just like Hooters at home:-D
To me, the biggest things are my friends. War is such a miserable being, and I look for happiness. My dearest friend is accused of looking through the world with rose coloured glasses, and I like that. I like to find the good in people, I like to find the spots of happiness in what is otherwise a dreary world. Day after day we face the harsh reality of death, even though we are supposed to be "safe". Lately we have been getting mortared again, the other night one dropped in front of a building, a little too close for comfort. So forgive me if my blog isn't that exciting, I prefer it to be uplifting and amusing.


Lucys5Cents said...

Your thoughts take me back to the beginning; who is the blog for, you or your friends and family back home? All of the above? I could imagine that you started with that and didn't know how many 'strangers' like me would wander in with a cup of coffee in hand to check on our Lizzie each day. Sure we enjoy your manic Mondays and those madcap picnic moments, but we really just want to know the truth of what's happening over there from Sgt. Lizzie's vantage point of view, that's all. We don't want you to violate secrecy or put anyone in harm's way including yourself but we appreciate getting to understand a picture of the day-in-the-life-of-Lizzie as loosely defined as that is. Hey, I was very interested to know about your homeschooling background; that was so cool! Thanks for sharing, really! I think it's pretty barbaric in this day and age that you can be doing a top sensitive job over there but because you don't have a 'traditional' high school diploma there are certain assignments kept from you. Seems like they should just have it one way or the other and stick with their principles; it's only fair.

Maybe you can help we outsiders to understand the security 'zones.' That is, I keep hearing about the Green Zone, the barbed wired zone, and how mortars are finding their wire past these or other zones. Can you take the most secure part (sort of inside the onion) and work out and tell us what these areas are called? There must be more parts than these?

Take care, stay low and don't glow!

Garrison Steelle said...

:) Safety is relative, is it not?

What *I* want to know, and I understand of this information is classified, but if your hot wings are just like those at Hooters, are they served by GIs wearing orange shorts and tight t-shirt????? Just think of the recruitment incentive THAT could be! ;)

Keep your head down, Sarge. :)


Rosemary said...

Garrison is a hoot! (Bad choice of words?! LOL) How are you doing, Sgt. Lizzie? I am well. I have been posting news from around the world, myself. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the news I read, and it ends up getting all cluttered in my mind. This way, I just post it and it's done! I remember Loose Lips Sink Ships. You are doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time. You'll never know who you can trust, especially over the net. One Pakistani wanted to marry me the first day we chatted! I had to remove him from my chat! My goodness, all this for a game of pool? Well, my prayers are with you always. You are amazing. Don't change, okay?! If you make the best out of a *bad* situation, you will enjoy your life to its fullest. Godspeed.

Eric said...

As I commented in the last post, I'm a former 96B. I only worked in S2s, which means 'security management' was my life for a few years. (I still have a change key for X-07 locks on my keychain.) If SGT Lizzie doesn't talk about something due to opsec or infosec . . . well, damn straight. Besides, there's a lot more to Army life than just the work, anyway.

On keeping a positive, even 'rosy', outlook as a soldier, especially as an NCO who influences other soldiers, I totally agree with that. We all learned about 'Suck it up and drive on' in Basic, but soldiers are still human beings, and many are young and sensitive. As communal creatures, soldiers affect each other on many emotional levels. A colleague or leader who can bring a personal light into what is often a grinding profession is a valuable asset. Not a common description - and if you're just joining up, don't ask a drill sergeant to verify it - but a lot of good soldiering is about love.

By the time I left the Army, I was in charge of young soldiers who were away from home for the first time, in Korea, starting to learn about the 'real' Army. A key part of my job was the basic stuff, setting the standard, setting an example, and teaching them with 'technical and tactical proficiency'. Still, I felt the more important part of my job was to set a tone of team in my shop and to convey a positive outlook for soldiering and the Army.

A soldier who smiles and emphasizes the positive, who lightens up a tough situation with a good attitude or at least a joke, and who does the hard work with enthusiasm and competency, helps out all the other soldiers around her. An NCO who does those things, especially on a harsh deployment like Iraq, will give her young troops a good place to start a career.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beaytiful,
Just wanted to let you know that most of us out here understand why you can only say certain, and cann't write at all on other topics. Plus personally I just like hearing about how you are doing, whats going on in your life, and knowing that you are as safe as can be.

Anonymous said...

Given your circumstances, boring could be good. Loved the picnic pics and story. I find lemon-lime selzer the best drink on a hot day, you probably don't get margaritas with those hot wings.

Prodigal Son said...

ok i eat in the same dining facility as Lizzie and the chicken wings are NOT as good as Hooters! such blasphemy :p love ya lizzie :D

Prodigal Son said...

ill try this again ... seeing as i eat in the same dfac as lizzie the chicken wings are NOT as good as Hooters! such blasphemy! :p love ya lizzie :D