October 27, 2004

Hell hath frozen over

As an avid New England fan, I would be HORRIBLY remiss if I did not blog the excitement, the miracle, that occured last night! The Boston Red Sox have for the first time in MANY years, won the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on my birthday too, Way cool. the head line in the Boston Globe says it all: http://www.boston.com/
I say yipeee and away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The curse is gone and now they stand champions.
As I explained to someone this morning, while I am not a major baseball fan, I am a New Englander by birth and heart, and therefore a fan:-D Way to go Red Sox:-D


Garrison Steelle said...

LOL. I had a feeling you might be excited. Were you able to see/listen to any of the game?


Dennis said...

Congrads to all you New Englanders. If you had told me I would be pulling for anyone from New England in Nov. I would have said you were crazy,



Prodigal Son said...

the start of a sure sign of ARMAGEDDON! first sox, if Kerry wins election and pats win superbowl .. thats it .. im killing myself! *tsk tsk*
talk bout flukes *innocent whistle* later y'all