October 27, 2004


One of my (many) sisters turns 16 this year, thus adding a new level of terror to my maternal instincts. Egads, I thank my lucky stars that the girl still can't drive ROFL:) (Sorry Ray Ray) When did these children become adults? When did they start stealing my clothes and shoes, and even worse, when did they start looking better in them then I did?
Yesterday was a reasonably good day for me, I was feeling 20 times better. My dearest friend gave me a small bracelet, my room mate sent a card around the BN for me, and it was a slow easy day in the office. And I did have ice cream everyone:) A great big vanilla sundae with chocolate and whipped cream. YUMMY:-D


Garrison Steelle said...

LOL. Everyone grows up much too fast. Just wait 'til its your own kids. Then it gets REALLY frightening.

Glad your day was hospitable and celebratory. I'm sure that sundae felt good!


Prodigal Son said...

lizzie good damn good enuff in her own clothes ... and on the other note we dont need to hear about her being made inot a sundae ;) just playin hun! but we can imagine ... NEVERMIND! thats just the way things go .. kids grow up. when i saw my lil cousin earlier this year on leave .. i didnt recognize him so i kno how ya feel. TTFN