October 26, 2004


Not particularily favourite people of mine, due to troubles with them before. But yesterday, I felt it necessary to have myself checked out as I was feeling VERY icky:) Fortunatly, nothing more then a good sized virus, and I shall be over it soon. For now though, yuck, I hate being sick. I spent last night under my covers with hot tea and wrapped up in the warmest clothes I own. My dearest friend came in to check on me and had to laugh as I looked like a big bear.
I recently picked up a new CD, The essential Simon and Garfunkel. I know, strange music taste for one of my age, but I listened to it some growing up courtesy of my dearest Mummy. Anyway, I have enjoyed it greatly, and it makes great music to get ready to in the morning.


Garrison Steelle said...

Being ill is never fun. Being ill away from home is even worse. Sending lots of happy, healing thoughts your direction.


Prodigal Son said...

Ya know there is never sumone with a camera around when ya want one. picture lizzie all bundled in heavy coats, blankets, sweats, etc ... sipping her tea. i hope i dont catch the bug that seems to have started going around. could be change of weather, could be flu-type thing, who knows.
now u listen to the doc and take any meds they gave u and get better lizzie :) TTFN

Lucys5Cents said...

As I'm just trying to get over such a bug where I too was wrapped in coats and blankets on a plane where people around me were in shorts (they looked a tad scared), I sympathize. Can anyone get you some Zinc lozenges? Those are so good for viral infections; Lancet medical journal says so as does Lucys5cents.
:--) Rest, fluid, and constant hand-washing are the most important and really only things to do. It takes on stages by the way; don't be alarmed if 'dizzy' just don't try to be a hero if you're not up to performing your duties could it get you into trouble. Green tea is really good for the immune system if you can get it. OK, back to my own sick bed; you take care Sgt!