October 09, 2004

Just another (Slow) day in Paradise

Actually, today has been rather nice. It is a cool balmy 100%, overcast with light winds and feels wonderful. So much so that later today, rather then go to the gym for my daily cardio, I am going to take my bike out for a spin. The onle 2 things messing today up: I am still in Iraq, and my best friend left for a week for a short trip to Kuwait for a class. But all in all.....................
Question: Please tell me that I am not the only person who takes her M&M's, pours them all out, and then proceeds to sort them by colour group? My dear team mate thinks that I am extremely weird for doing this. Ok so maybe it's a little kooky, but hey, Kookiness is the spice of life.
In other news, ladies and gentlemen I have a new email address through my most favouritist search engine, Google.com. My new email address is sgtlizzie@gmail.com. Original, right? ROFL:)


Garrison Steelle said...

No, all sane people separate their m&ms ... and save the green ones for special occasions. ;)

Too bad about the sting! Hope it's feeling better.


Simran said...

Not only do I sort them, but then I eat them in the order of the ones I have the most of so I can make it so that I have the exact same number of each color. (Why are there always so many brown ones?!?!)

Now how's that for anal?! It's a good thing I don't eat Jelly Bellies!

Anonymous said...

There are stranger obsessive compulsions.