April 20, 2005

We have an appointment

GOOD news. I knew I picked my Primary Care Manager (otherwise known as my general practice doctor) for a reason. I made an appointment with him for today after having been unsucessful with orthopaedics. He did some door banging and knocking down and I now have an appoint ment for the 18th of May. It is still awhile, as that was the first one he had open, but it is still a definate appointment:-D YAY!
In other news I know I have been promising a blog on my adventures in Texas for awhile now, but I have been too lazy to sit down and write it (hey at least I am honest) However tonight I am on Staff Duty ALL freaking night with very little to do but answer phones and clean up a bit, so I have plentious time to write it up, so expect to see a very long blog and a few pictures from me tomorrow. If not you may fly to GA and kick my ghostly white arse:-D
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