April 21, 2005

Just had to respond:-D

Here in the middle of the night, brain is fried, body is about to start pinging as I have a LARGE cup of coffee (Thank g-d for a Huddle House on post, though I have to admit I prefer Waffle House coffee), and struggling to stay conscious, hehehe. Anyway, had to respond to this comment from one of my beloved regular readers:
"You didn't tan in Texas? Waste all your time INSIDE?"
Yeah, I am one WHITE chica, and don't tan very well at all. Not to mention it's not so good for one's skin so I avoid any excessive sunlight and wear SPF sunscreen most of the time. That being said, I actually do have a very peculiar farmers tan from where I wear my wrist brace LOL.
And NO, I promise I didn't spend time inside. We did get out occasionally and spend sometime in the beautiful Texas sun. There were quite a few days when I just needed to get outside as the days were so beautiful. I was fortunate in that the 2 weeks I was there in that the weather was beautiful 90% of the time.
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