April 20, 2005

Just had to respond:-D

Here in the middle of the night, brain is fried, body is about to start pinging as I have a LARGE cup of coffee (Thank g-d for a Huddle House on post, though I have to admit I prefer Waffle House coffee), and struggling to stay conscious, hehehe. Anyway, had to respond to this comment from one of my beloved regular readers:
"You didn't tan in Texas? Waste all your time INSIDE?"
Yeah, I am one WHITE chica, and don't tan very well at all. Not to mention it's not so good for one's skin so I avoid any excessive sunlight and wear SPF sunscreen most of the time. That being said, I actually do have a very peculiar farmers tan from where I wear my wrist brace LOL.
And NO, I promise I didn't spend time inside. We did get out occasionally and spend sometime in the beautiful Texas sun. There were quite a few days when I just needed to get outside as the days were so beautiful. I was fortunate in that the 2 weeks I was there in that the weather was beautiful 90% of the time.

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Anonymous said...

Sgt Lizzie, As one pale-skinned woman to another, let me tell you that when you are MY age (54) you will see that a lifetime of avoiding suntanned skin leads to less wrinkles, scaly patches and "age spots" than your well-tanned compatriots. Of course, by the time you ARE my age, it may be completely unacceptable to age at all. Routine "procedures" under the knives of plastic surgeons may be the norm rather than the exception.
I really enjoy reading your blog. Your journal fills a void left by my sgt. son stationed in Ft. Knox, who NEVER WRITES TO HIS MOTHER:-( I exaggerate; he did write to me 3 times during his 16 months in Iraq :-)
Keep on keepin' on. I remain: your bleeding-heart liberal fan, Peg