April 27, 2005

oh what fun

I had fun today out at a range with another company from my unit, acting as their Combat Lifesaver:) Spent much of the day reading and relaxing. Then when the range went hot (aka, everyone started firing) I learned how not to have a freakout fit when everyone started shooting:-D I was supposed to ride out this morning in the company van, but as there was not room, I convinced the NCO that I was quite fine with driving out there in my car. The range is a good 15 minute drive down the beautiful back roads of Fort Gordon, and there is nothing I love better then to roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and let the wind blow through my hair. ( yes ok ok I know it's a song, but also one I love) It is just a freeing feeling speeding along as fast as the speed limit will allow.


Garrison Steelle said...

Okay, so how DOES one nt have a freakout fit when everyone starts shooting?

(just in case I should ever need such information)


Rosemary said...

Dear Sgt. Lizzie,
That is the reason I love motorcycles!

Dear Garrison,
You suck it up!

Have a great day everyone.