May 01, 2005

A Love Story: Leaving lots of rubber and my heart behind in Florida

Yes, I am burning I95 up between here and Miami:-D But, after 4 years of dicking around, the last 5 months have been so very worth all of the driving:-D To somewhat explain that back story as I don't think I have before. Daniel and I met 4 1/2 years ago in Camp Humphreys, Korea. We dated for a little while and then broke up as normal for 2 twenty year olds in Korea. I then spent the next year acting the pathetic fool (in between and during my various adventures in dating) over Daniel. (He would slightly disagree with me there) For the next three years, we didn't spend much time actually together, he in El Paso, me in Fort Gordon. I visited him in Texas, May 02, but due to some issues on my part, as I left a week early, and said what I thought at the time was my final goodbye. I bawled on the plane all the way home. Later that year I deployed to Kuwait, and spent 7 months there. The first time I remember Daniel telling me he loved me, was May 1st 03, just before I was promoted and pinned SGT, by my at the time boyfriend. Baaaaaad timing. I came home in July, and then after Daniel moved to Miami, he came up to GA to have Thanksgiving dinner with me, and meet my family. Yep, was still with my boyfriend, so nothing happened that weekend. As he drove off, he said goodbye and I proceeded to collapse on my balcony crying. I deployed to Iraq, and in April broke up with my boyfriend. Daniel and I had been talking for awhile at that point, but I was still overseas, and he was with someone. (yeah our timing has sucked) At one point, we were both single, and for some unknown reason I started looking at Las Vegas weddings. We had been chasing each other around for so long at this point that we both agreed we needed to stop, and actually sort out our feelings for each other, as neither of us ever truly ever let the other go. Sooooooo, to end a now long story, when I came home in January, he was there with my family waiting for me, and now, time to live happily (and sometimes not so happily, cause this is real life here people) ever after. Side note here, I don't think Daniel has ever quite forgiven me for being obscenly late flying into Augusta and leaving him stuck with my family (aka 5 of my siblings) for 8 hours on end;) (Love you dear)
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