May 02, 2005

Cracker Card

Ah, going through the box o' memories tonight. I started off looking for my hammer in my very not so cluttered storage closet, and ended up in memory land, back to the years 2000-2001, more specifically, as I have just about every paper I wrote, every note I took during AIT, and some of Korea. Sheesh, was I really that young once? I found a card one of my room mates gave me while I was in Korea, called the Cracker Card. On this card was written: "Owner of this card must have it on them at all times. Failure to do so will result in punishment by the cracker police and the evil Flip-A-Pino. (Wiggas included)" For the record, she was the Flip-A-Pino:-D She was great.
So anyway, Physical therapists are pyscho sadists. None to fond of it:) And I have noticed that you all are stopping by, but not saying anything. So now I am curious to know: What would you all like to see here on this blog? My blog is an open forum, as well as my personal insights into my life in general, so pitch in. Comment already wouldya:-D
Oh, BTW, I never did find my hammer.
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