April 10, 2006

new sites

While roaming the web as is my wont in times of boredom, I found these two websites. The first, is from a well known personality, the author of the weekly "News of the weird" and is just a brief overlook of weird news: Backstage at Newza da Weird
The next is a couple of college kids who obviously do not have enough of a study load, and like to lip sync. Alot. It's very funny though: Murph's Lip Syncs

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hey, Chris here (The maker of Murph's Lip Syncs)... I'm glad you like our website... It has given us something to do because we really don't have a lot to do around our college campus. Our campus is in the middle of no where...
Enjoy the new lip syncs we put up.
Take it easy,