October 17, 2005

embarrassing moments

Reading a couple of favorite blogs today got me to thinking about these. To be honest, most of mine involved men. What is it about them that causes us women to act like fools? To be sure, I think I have grown out of that stage. However, I do recall one really funny incident, after sneaking home one morning at 9, and being greeted at the door by my mother AND grandmother. Of course I had my little excuse all ready, but my grandmother, the wonderful wise woman that she is, just said "come on now Lizzie, we were your age too once" Yup, that was a little face reddening.
What was your most embarrasing incident. Email it to me at sgtlizzie@gmail.com , and I will put together one great blog of all the best:-D


Garrison Steelle said...

Most embarrassing?

Pick one.



lost soul said...

I remember this one time in Iraq while I was watching a movie with a friend. There was a knock at my door. My friend, without asking who was there, just opened it. Surprise! My OIC.

MarineMom said...

wow .. its been a few since I managed to make it over and see how you wre doing and here you are married already and starting your new life!! That's great, I am happy that you are happy. Be careful on that drive!

hugs from a Marine mom

Tweek said...

Being caught with my girlfriend by her father in the basement of her house back when I was in high school. Talk about bad timing...lol Seriously though, I've gotten my blog fired back up. For better or worse...lol

DLJ said...

Hi lizzie,

I'm sending you a neat cam pic on the columbia river near my stompin grounds

Hope your trip was good

DLJ said...


Here it is