October 24, 2005


Ok men, here's a clue: you want to hit on a girl, check her finger! hehehe.
In other news, it's sweater weather here, and I am freezing my little tushie. Lounging here watching CBS, I am bundled in a sweater, thick socks, and drinking a frozen margarita. ROFL :-D
Margaritas are good.
I went to the hair salon today to have a haircut, and do something totally different. I didn't cut it all off, and it is still long, but it is wicked cute:-D I LOVE it.
about one more week before I take off across this great wide country towards Tucson. I dislike long drives, particularily done alone. But LOT'S of music will keep me company.
My thoughts want to ramble tonight, making no sense at all.
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