October 30, 2005

If things go any more strange..................

My car got TOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last thursday I went to the registration office and tried to get my car registration renewed. They wouldn't do it, as my insurance has already been switched over. They told me to wait until I got to my final destination and register it there. I thought no problem until coming onto post last night after a couple of errands and they pulled me over for an inspection (routine). What was not so cool was when they told me to wait in the parking lot for a few minutes, and then 30 minutes later a tow truck pulls up, they ticketed me, and my car was towed. So now I am out quite a bit of money needed to go cross country, and I STILL don't have my car as I can't pay for it just yet, so it is still in storage off post where the guy towed it. I was lucky in that one of my friend allowed me to borrow his truck so I was able to go to church this morning. Still I am a bit moody cause I DON'T like being without my car.
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