November 04, 2005

Go Army

So, new things to go see, and to give up a bit of your hard earned money in support of the troops. Come on now, you know you want to.

In other news, I am in NC currently spending the day with my family before taking off tomorrow to head to TN, and then on to AZ. I do not look forward to the drive! Something about napping at rest stops is unnerving, not to mention that I literally have no room in my car. I PACKED that thing out this last week. I have just enough space in the rear view mirror to see out, and that is about it.
I did have one rather BAD day yesterday, I stayed over at my best friends place, as we went out Wednesday night to eat, and I ended up a little over the top tipsy (Jager, tequila, and later vodka. Thank goodness for the good sense to drink a lot of water)
Anyways, her daughter and cousin managed to get a hold of my bag, and my meds. Her sister and I were in the next room, and when it went dead quiet, we knew someting was up, we just weren't prepared to discover 2 3 y/o's chowing down on my Ambien and Zoloft!!!!!!!!! So I called 911, and we spent the afternoon at the emergency room. I don't think the kids will be messing around with any bottles any time soon. Oh and if you are wondering, no, the child saftey caps weren't on because it makes it very hard for me to open. Yes, I feel rather badly and guilty right now. But the kids are fine, and were acting normally (that is to say tearing around the hospital) by that evening.
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