September 20, 2005

Permanent Teeth

Well, after this afternoons appointment, I will be finished with all major dental work!!!!! WOOHOOO! Permanent teeth, and CORN ON THE COB at Chilis. Don't ask me why, but I have this thing for the chicken crispers there, and I haven't had corn on the cob in almost a year. ROFL:) I will have pictures, just as soon as SOMEONE (hint hint) sends it back to me.
In other news, the countdown has begun to the last day of work, next week, prior to me taking off on leave. Kinda wondering just how I am going to survive more then 2 days outside of my office :-D Something about being a workaholic, I don't know.
This Saturday is my final for History 101, but I have started the process for my GI bill to minimize the break in between classes.
Time for a random photo:

YES, my hair was red as hell. This was taken March 2001.

Edited note: It's almost 5 here, just got home from work. I spoke too soon with the permanent bridge thing. After 2 hours of being in the chair this afternoon, it was decided that the permanent bridge really didn't look so nice (it didn't), and so I am back again with a temporary smile (oddly enough looks WAY better then the permanent did), so corn on the cob will have to wait a wee bit longer. Ah well, I will survive without it as I have these last 10 months.
This afternoon, I managed to screw up my knee again, getting smoked with the company as they had screwed up this morning. Today's lesson: Minor things COUNT. We don't want to be sending you home in a body bag:-D
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