September 22, 2005

Just call me the goddess of Loooooooove

Over lunch today I decided to hook up my best friend with a new guy in our company, who is pretty cool to hang out with and nice. She thought he was hot, he thought she was cute, voila, a friendship made in heaven. Mind you, friendship always comes first.
In the world of stupid things NOT to do in front of your boss: I was getting ready to clean off the computer screen in my office, as dirty screens are a pet peeve of mine (anything dirty is actually) I had the paper towel ready in one hand, and the glass cleaner in the other. I then proceeded to press down hard on the button and got a face full of cleaner! Fortunatly I closed my eyes quick enough, but not my mouth (EW). As I sat there wiping my face off with the towel, I heard someone come in and stated that I would be right with them. As I finished wiping my face, I looked up to see my CPT looking down at me, asking if I needed step by step instructions for the bottle ROFL (maybe not in those words, but close) How embaressing!!!!!!!!!


joy_777 said...

Hey Sgt. Lizzie! I dunno who you are, but I love your blog! Most people write these looooooong posts, and I get bored reading them, but you know how to keep it short and interesting. Although, I must admit, that I sometimes get a little carried away ranting about this or that. Anyway, great blog, and visit mine at

PS: Did you know that your blog is featured in TIME magazine as one of the top 5 riveting soldier blogs?

Anonymous said...

Ya that is how i found ur blog. THe article is "5 Riveting Soldier Blogs" in the September 26th 2005 issue.

Pebble said...

You made Time Magazine!


Koichan said...
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Koichan said...

yeah good job on making TIME mag!! your blog is great, ive only read a few posts and i love it.

Again, good job. and sorry you got sprayed in the face. it sounds really embarasiing. hope that wont happen again.