September 07, 2005

19 hours and counting

In the last 19 + hours that I have been sitting here, I have done 4 loads of laundry (including my bedding, ALL of it), studied and then taken my history test for the week (94 out of 100), done a good majority of my research for my research paper (naval history in the civil war), and cleaned up the place. So all in all a very productive day for me personally. I still would much rather be sleeping right now. I will be doing a lot of that here in a few hours after leaving duty, but boy does it screw with one's schedule. And have you ever noticed just how incredibly boring middle of the night television is? Currently I have it tuned into CMT and videos, so not so bad, but still. Trying to stay awake here people, need something to stimulate the brain. Not too intellectual though, brain does NOT work that well after many hours of sleep deprivation.

Random Picture for the evening:
(FYI, NO I really wasn't fat, I was wearing about 5 layers of clothing as I was on a windjammer cruise in Maine in October 03. Ah one of the best times on vacation I ever had)

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