September 06, 2005

Tuesday has turned into a really bad Monday

Since waking up this morning, if it could go any weirder, it has. I show up for accountibility formation where I am informed that I am responsible for conducting training that morning. I would like to take this moment to point out that I am physically incapable of doing physical training. Ooook so after that little surprise was sprung on me, I dealt with it and carried on. Then upon leaving PT one of the sgt's from another company informed me that I was on duty that day! 24 hour duty no less. So here I sit, blah:) Plenty of time to study for my history test this week and write many inanities here for you to read:-D
Oh, and yes, like I said that is what you think it is, the man did get down on his knees and ask that all important question and natureally I said the only thing I could, yes. But sorry, no smaltzy romancy story here:-D That is for me to know and you to imagine:-D Ah life is good


Anonymous said...

So when do you get out of this maze????

DirtEater13 said...

It's absolutely beautiful! And PT sucks, anyway.

DirtEater13 said...

Whoops, double tap!

Sam said...

Congratulations - again! Tell us the date when you get to it. Maybe just the month. I know some on here would love a little detail, but this is fine with me!
You are still getting out this month - right? Going to Florida after that?
Hey be sure and make sure you can get all you medical problems that you aquired in the military taken care of. Don't let them screw you out of getting you back 100% healthy. I sure made some mistakes there.