September 06, 2005

Tuesday has turned into a really bad Monday

Since waking up this morning, if it could go any weirder, it has. I show up for accountibility formation where I am informed that I am responsible for conducting training that morning. I would like to take this moment to point out that I am physically incapable of doing physical training. Ooook so after that little surprise was sprung on me, I dealt with it and carried on. Then upon leaving PT one of the sgt's from another company informed me that I was on duty that day! 24 hour duty no less. So here I sit, blah:) Plenty of time to study for my history test this week and write many inanities here for you to read:-D
Oh, and yes, like I said that is what you think it is, the man did get down on his knees and ask that all important question and natureally I said the only thing I could, yes. But sorry, no smaltzy romancy story here:-D That is for me to know and you to imagine:-D Ah life is good
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