March 09, 2006

New jobs

After a few weeks of boring unemployment I finally started a new job at Raytheon, doing what else: Admin. But I really think I have found a place I like. 2 days in and I feel rather at home:)
In other news, we are gradually moving in a setting up our new place. Last week all of his household goods came in from Miami, and mine are scheduled to come in on Saturday, so we actually have a bit more furniture in the place, and I will have my stuff soon:-D YAY!
There is the possibility of one of Daniels friends coming down to visit soon, and if so, it's off to the fair again:-D hehehehehe. I look forward to sucking it in yet again and pushing my breastesies up to mythical proportions again. "Mythical Proportions" is seemingly my new phrase after I made a comic remark about it at the office, regarding a picture LOL.
School is going alright, save for Math, of course I blow. But I am doing ok keeping up with everything else.
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