February 06, 2006


Was anyone else sorely dissapointed in the quality of the commercials this year? The Budweiser/Bud Lights delivered, as did the "Don't Judge" ads, but seriously, ABC: sheesh enough with the self promotion!!! TOO many ads for ABC shows in my opinion. Anyway, between the rather lame game (who DIDN'T see that ball NOT go across the line!), and the lame commercials, I gave up at the second half and hubby and I hit the road in favor of somewhere else entirely, Bookmans.
Today, back at work though my usual cohort is out, much sympathies to her and her family right now. I spent a good majority of the morning on hold or talking to machines. Human contact please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe. Hopefully the boss man remembers that I am sorta on my own here and I do need to eat eventually. He popped out awhile ago.
Anyways, School starts today, and I have a heavy load and am not looking forward to keeping up, but this is a good start:-D
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