February 13, 2006

The renaissance festival

Sunday we went north a couple of hours to indulge in loads of fun and merriment:-D I rented a costume, and Daniel bought a simple one and off we went:-D While there I purchased a new bodice that did wonders for my cleavage. I swear I have never been ogled more, had more pictures taken with me, but had way more fun then ever before! (you will see what I mean with the picture of me) We also went to the Pleasure feast and lord that was SOOOOOO much foood and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The feast jugglers.
DAMN he looked sexy!

"can't breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


Consul-At-Arms said...

"No ma'am, this isn't a sobriety checkpoint, this is an Official Bodice Inspector checkpoint. Please step out of your carraige and do what the nice officer tells you."

AirborneVet said...

You look nice, Liz. I have an 1800's dress with a lovely corsett underneath. Breathing was obviously NOT a necessity back then. Ha!

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Your new teeth look great, oh yeah, the bodice too:)

Tim said...

As much as I try to be aware of current politics, I really don't care about hunting accidents, so my blog is back on spaces. Maybe this on will stick.

Tim said...

AAAGGHHHH! Typos are the devil of me!