February 19, 2006

so much

I really must write more, so much has happened recently.
For a little while DH and I were operating under the assumption that my 19 y/o sister would be joining us out in Tucson to continue in gym and schooling, but she decided to stay with the family back east for now and found a great gym out there. Regardless, DH and I have continued our plans to move next door (literally LOL) into a 2 bedroom apartment, which will give us space for a small office where both of us can do our schooling.
A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to stop pulling my hair out and leave the job I was at, as I was not particularily happy. I again put my resume out there, and almost immediatly had 2 great job offers, one from a nationally known government contractor, and another from a health care center. As the Health care center paid better, I decided to go with that one, and currently am waiting the results of the background check. For now, I am taking the time to catch up on my schoolwork and also filling in temporarily at a local construction company to keep the paychecks flowing. Entertaining work.
Unfortunatly recently we also had to give up one of our beloved cats as it had become very apparent the two were not getting along, and the older was definatly our problem child, so she had to be given back, as we do want more pets in the future.
Well that is that update from me, I will endeavor to write more frequently.
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